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​Handling of leather products

-Since it is a product using natural leather, there are some color differences, streaks, irregularities, and some scratches.
-Color fading or color transfer due to friction or water wetting, peeling of the coating film, dye transfer, etc. may occur.
・ Be careful not to get it wet as it may cause discoloration or mold.
-Since this product uses natural leather, the color, size, texture, etc. may differ slightly.

・ Returns and exchanges of products using natural materials due to color patterns, irregular shapes, texture, etc. will be at the convenience of the customer.
-Please note that if it is kept in close contact with a resin such as vinyl chloride for a long time, it may cause sticking or color transfer.

・ Avoid using alcohol solvents such as thinner and benzine.

・ Products using fur may cause hair loss.

・ For cleaning clothing using leather, please contact a specialty store.

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